11th Annual Plant Sale Slated for April 26

Topics: Central Coast, Native Plants, NCCF in the News

The federation will hold its 11th annual Native Plant Sale during Earth Day week on Saturday, April 26, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our headquarters. More >


A Guide to Smarter, Cheaper Pollution Controls

Topics: Low-Impact Development (LID), NCCF in the News, Stormwater, Water Quality

The federation's Watershed Restoration Planning Guidebook offers cost-effective ways to reduce stormwater flow into coastal waters. More >


Thursday Is Moving Day for Southeast Staff

Topics: NCCF in the News, Southeast Coast

The staff of the federation’s Southeastern Office will begin moving into their new home in Wrightsville Beach, completing an adventure that began in late 2012. More >


A Hike in the Snow Can Be a Birder's Delight

Topics: Central Coast, Nature, Wildlife

Snow days are good days to look for birds. They're a bit more conspicuous against the white background and a little more tolerant of humans. More >


Birding Trips Planned This Spring Along White Oak

Topics: Central Coast, Education, NCCF in the News

Spring is a great time of year to see some of the magnificent birds that fly along the N.C. coast. Join the N.C. Coastal Federation for birding cruises on the White Oak River. More >


The Polar Vortex, Climate Change and Our Coast

Topics: Advocacy, Climate Change, Coastal management

The wild swings of winter weather, scientists tell us, are related to a changing climate. It may be time to dust off an old report that suggests ways to better prepare for a different future. More >


Remembering One of Our Coastal Heroes

Topics: Central Coast, Fisheries, Stormwater

The N.C. coast lost a great friend and champion with the death of Bernice Rice of Thomas Landing in Onslow County. More >


The Blue Door Returns

Topics: NCCF in the News, Southeast Coast, Volunteers

The blue door and its elegant door knob are back on the house we are restoring in Wrightsville Beach as our new office. Come see it yourself and do a little painting while you're there. More >


A Holiday Show: The Dance of the Dolphins

Topics: Nature, Wildlife

Sam Bland got an unexpected surprise after Christmas on a jog down the beach at Emerald Isle. He rushed back with his camera to catch The Dance of the Dolphins. More >


Takeover Complete; Now Comes the Hard Part

Topics: Advocacy, Coastal management, Legislature, Politics

With the takeover of state government complete, Gov. Pat McCrory and the GOP must now govern in way that doesn't alienate voters. More >

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