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Horseshoe Crabs: Our Coast's Living Fossils

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

Conch fishermen, little shorebirds called red knots and flu vaccinations all share something in common. That's right. Horseshoe crabs. More >


New Funding Formula Sinks Road Projects

Topics: Legislature, Transportation

The Mid-Currituck Bridge is one of many proposed road projects in Eastern N.C. that get short- changed in a new highway funding formula. More >


Remembering the 'Library Lady'

Topics: Central Coast, NCCF in the News

Sarah Hamilton is remembered for her environmental activism, volunteerism and dedication to the N.C. Coastal Federation, but most of all for her love of books. More >


Our Coast: Thunder Moon

Topics: Central Coast, Nature, Our Coast

Our naturalist Sam Bland explores the lure of full moons on coastal animals and residents and takes stunning photos of a recent "supermoon." More >


Coastal Sketch: John Runkle

Topics: Coastal Sketches, NCCF in the News

Meet John Runkle, an environmental attorney and the only person to serve on the N.C. Coastal Federation's board of directors for all 32 years. More >


Study Tests LID on Large Projects

Topics: Central Coast, Low-Impact Development (LID)

A new study shows that low-impact development can save money or real estate on large commercial projects. More >


County to Birds: You're on Your Own

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

New Hanover County wants to be relieved of monitoring shorebirds at relocated Mason Inlet after a third of the way through a 30-year commitment. More >


Federation Hits Milestone on Lockwood Folly

Topics: NCCF in the News, Oysters, Southeast Coast, Water Quality

The N.C. Coastal Federation's recently completed oyster restoration project marks the end of years of work in the river, at least for now. More >

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