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Our Coast: Alligator River Refuge

Topics: Nature, Northeast Coast, Our Coast, Wildlife

The watery wilderness that is the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is 30 years old this year. The red wolves, the red cockaded woodpeckers, the black bears and, yes, the alligators should be rejoicing. More >


What's Next for the Sutton Plant?

Topics: Energy, Legislature, Southeast Coast, Water pollution

Heavy metals from coal-ash ponds at the Sutton power plant near Wilmington continue to contaminate groundwater. As the state steps up coal-ash management, what’s next for the high-risk plant? More >


Our Coast's Food: Dining Over the Century

Topics: Coastal Culture, Coastal History, Food, Southeast Coast

Dining culture at Wrightsville Beach wasn't always flip flops and ice-cold white wine. Our food columnist tells how it's changed over the last 100 years. More >


Coastal Culture: A New Clue Into the New World

Topics: Coastal Culture, Coastal History, Northeast Coast, Preservation

A historic document could unlock leads about the mysteries of English colonization on Roanoke Island, perhaps even the fate of the so-called “Lost Colony." More >


Rallying for Hofmann Forest

Topics: Central Coast, Hofmann Forest, Preservation, Wetlands

Two rallies -- one in Onslow County and the other in Raleigh -- were held Monday to protest N.C. State University's proposed sale of the Hofmann Forest. More >


Pelican Award: Sue Weddle

Topics: Advocacy, Pelican Awards, Southeast Coast

Find out why this Sunset Beach resident won an award for being a dedicated, persistent and effective advocate for our coast. More >


Coastal Primer: 'Critical Habitat'

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

The federal Endangered Species Act requires the protection of habitat that listed species need to recover. But the creation of so-called "critical habitat" almost always leads to conflicts and usually lawsuits. More >


Wet Weather Brings Swimming Warnings

Topics: Stormwater, Water pollution

Yes, it's rained. A lot. With the incessant rain has come a slew of state advisories about swimming in some coastal waters because of high bacteria levels. More >

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