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10 N.C. Birds Threatened by Climate Change

Topics: Climate Change, Wildlife

A warming climate is likely to have these 10 birds leaving North Carolina in search of cooler, more hospitable climate, but there are ways you can help. More >


Exodus: Movement of N.C. Birds?

Topics: Climate Change, Wildlife

Scientists predict that more than half of U.S. birds may be threatened by climate change, including ospreys, wild turkeys and brown pelicans. More >


An Optimistic Outlook for Oyster Season

Topics: Coastal Culture, Fisheries, Oysters

Oyster harvest season opened in North Carolina this week, and officials think it will be a good one for several reasons. More >


Hofmann Forest Case Goes to Supreme Court

Topics: Central Coast, Forestry, Hofmann Forest, Preservation

The N.C. Supreme Court will hear the long-running and controversial Hofmann Forest case, bypassing the state Court of Appeals. More >


Hurricane Hazel: What We've Learned

Topics: Coastal History, Storms

In the last of three parts, we take a look at how hurricane forecasting, state planning for emergencies and building codes have changed since Hazel hit 60 years ago today. More >


Hazel: The Benchmark Hurricane

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal History, Southeast Coast, Storms

In the second part of the storm's 60th anniversary series, we relive Hurricane Hazel with survivors from Brunswick, New Hanover and Carteret counties. More >


Hurricane Hazel 60 Years Later

Topics: Coastal History, Southeast Coast, Storms

Sixty years ago this week, the most powerful hurricane to strike North Carolina devastated much of our coastline. In the first of three parts, we relive Hazel with people who lived through the landfall. More >


The Tropical Reefs of North Carolina?

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal management, Energy, Marine Science, Southeast Coast

Prompted by the prospect of wind energy development off North Carolina's coast, researchers are finding reefs with tropical fish and corals right off our coast. More >

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