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Our Coast's Food: Dining Over the Century

Topics: Coastal Culture, Food, Southeast Coast

Dining culture at Wrightsville Beach wasn't always flip flops and ice-cold white wine. Our food columnist tells how it's changed over the last 100 years. More >


Coastal Culture: A New Clue Into the New World

Topics: Coastal Culture, Coastal History, Northeast Coast, Preservation

A historic document could unlock leads about the mysteries of English colonization on Roanoke Island, perhaps even the fate of the so-called “Lost Colony." More >


Rallying for Hofmann Forest

Topics: Central Coast, Hofmann Forest, Preservation, Wetlands

Two rallies -- one in Onslow County and the other in Raleigh -- were held Monday to protest N.C. State University's proposed sale of the Hofmann Forest. More >


Pelican Award: Sue Weddle

Topics: Advocacy, Pelican Awards, Southeast Coast

Find out why this Sunset Beach resident won an award for being a dedicated, persistent and effective advocate for our coast. More >


Coastal Primer: 'Critical Habitat'

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

The federal Endangered Species Act requires the protection of habitat that listed species need to recover. But the creation of so-called "critical habitat" almost always leads to conflicts and usually lawsuits. More >


Wet Weather Brings Swimming Warnings

Topics: Stormwater, Water pollution

Yes, it's rained. A lot. With the incessant rain has come a slew of state advisories about swimming in some coastal waters because of high bacteria levels. More >


N.C. Fishermen Star in New Reality Show

Topics: Fisheries, Northeast Coast

Outer Banks fishermen are pitted against Yankee rivals in the chase for bluefin tuna, the most valuable fish in the world and maybe the most vulnerable. More >


Our Coast: Sea Pansies and Blue Buttons

Topics: Central Coast, Our Coast

Our naturalist Sam Bland spotted these two unusual finds that washed up from the deep ocean on a beach walk in Emerald Isle. More >

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