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Saving a Piece of Down East Carteret

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal Culture, Food

A move is afoot to preserve the legacy of an old clam house in Williston in eastern Carteret County as a symbol of a proud heritage and as a memorial to The Clam King. More >


The Sun: A New Crop in New Bern

Topics: Business and Industry, Central Coast, Energy

A new solar farm in New Bern is nearly complete as North Carolina becomes one of the leading producers of solar energy in the nation. More >


Pamlico Commissioners Lose Patience

Topics: Agriculture, Business and Industry, Central Coast, Wetlands

Five months after asking the Army Corps of Engineers to investigate alleged illegal ditching of wetlands, Pamlico County commissioners want EPA to intervene. More >


Sales Tax Hike Not Likely to Help Build Groins

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins

Three proposed terminal groin projects in Brunswick County aren't likely to see much money if voters approve an increase in the county sales tax. More >


As Sand Rushes In, a Deadline Looms

Topics: Coastal management, Legislature, Northeast Coast

As a dredge makes its way to the nearly impassable Oregon Inlet once again, a legislative task force hurries to finish its report on the state's plans for taking over the inlet and adjacent land on the Outer Banks in Dare County. More >


Nags Head Opposed to Seismic Testing

Topics: Energy, Northeast Coast

The town passed a resolution opposing the use of air guns to test for oil and natural gas below the sea floor off the N.C. coast. More >


Wilder Than a Bengal Jungle

Topics: Nature, Northeast Coast, Our Coast

In the last of two parts, the writings of famous American author Henry David Thoreau are compared to the scenery of Ocracoke Island. More >


Walking With Thoreau

Topics: Nature, Northeast Coast, Our Coast

In the first of two parts, a "Coastal Review Online" writer mirrors her beach walk on Ocracoke Island with the writings of famous American author Henry David Thoreau in his expedition of the Cape Cod coastline. More >

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