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2014 Pelican Award Winners

Topics: Advocacy, Central Coast, Coastal management, Habitat Restoration, Living Shorelines, Low-Impact Development (LID), NCCF in the News, Northeast Coast, Outer Banks, Preservation, Rain Gardens, Southeast Coast, Volunteers

A fisherman, a realtor and a former senator are among the 15 recipients of this year's awards, which honor exemplary efforts to preserve and protect the coastal environment. More >


An End of Session Twist

Topics: Air pollution, Legislature, Wetlands

The Senate came short of passing an omnibus bill, including several controversial environmental provisions, previously seen and rejected by the House. More >


Marina to CRC: Help Our Boats Get Wet

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

Boats launching from a Wilmington marina can only access the Cape Fear River at high tide. Marina owners turn to the Coastal Resources Commission today in hopes of a solution. More >


Hofmann Forest in Hands of the Court

Topics: Advocacy, Forestry, Wetlands

With the original sale date passed, the state court system will likely decide the fate of the 79,000-acre forest in Onslow and Jones counties. More >


Our Coast's Food: Chicken-Necking

Topics: Coastal Culture, Fisheries, Food

A good crab boil starts with a chicken-necker. That's someone who uses a dip net, a piece of string, a fishing weight and a chicken neck to catch blue crabs. We tell you how. More >


Democracy Honeybee Style

Topics: Nature, Northeast Coast, Pesticides, Wildlife

Fountain Odom doesn’t belabor the metaphor, but he does seem to appreciate the workings of democracy with honeybees more so than those of his former colleagues in the N.C. General Assembly. More >


Horseshoe Crabs: Our Coast's Living Fossils

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

Conch fishermen, little shorebirds called red knots and flu vaccinations all share something in common. That's right. Horseshoe crabs. More >


New Funding Formula Sinks Road Projects

Topics: Legislature, Transportation

The Mid-Currituck Bridge is one of many proposed road projects in Eastern N.C. that get short- changed in a new highway funding formula. More >

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