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Sea,-Level Rise Redux

Topics: Climate Change, Coastal management, Sea-Level Rise

There were no fireworks this week over the release of a new draft report on sea-level rise along the N.C. coast. The new report contains no scary forecasts, no hockey stick graphs. More >


Funds for Hammocks Beach Deal Nearly There

Topics: Central Coast, Preservation, State parks

The pieces are rapidly falling into place for the state's long-awaited addition of land to Hammocks Beach State Park. The state could own the property as early as June. More >


Group Threatens Legal Action to Protect Wetlands

Topics: Central Coast, Wetlands

The N.C. Coastal Federation plans to notify two federal agencies today that it intends to sue them for not enforcing federal law to protect more than 250 acres of wetlands in Pamlico County. More >


Sand Waves: Juggernauts of the Outer Banks

Topics: Our Coast, Outer Banks

Large, moving mountains of sand helped shape the northern Outer Banks. Whole communities slowly disappeared beneath them. Two bicycle makers from Ohio made history atop one of the them. More >


Deck the Halls With Line and Flotsam

Topics: NCCF in the News, Southeast Coast

The N.C. Coastal Federation is inviting people to decorate the exterior of its office in Wrightsville Beach with recycled nautical and marine items. More >


UNC Coastal Centers Under the Microscope

Topics: Education, Legislature, Marine Science

The nine coastal science centers in North Carolina university system are once again being evaluated for budget cuts or even consolidation. More >


Coastal Sketch: Paul Sykes

Topics: Outer Banks, Wildlife

You may not know the name, but the guy's a rock star in the world of birds. No one -- probably on the planet -- has done more Christmas Bird Counts. 475 and, yes, counting. The 77-year-old will add another to the tally this month when he leads a count on the Outer Banks. More >


Some See Opportunity in Latest Hofmann Twist

Topics: Central Coast, Forestry, Hofmann Forest

Opponents hope the recent termination of the sale of Hofmann Forest presents an opportunity to explore other options. More >

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