Photo: Sam Bland, N.C.Coastal Federation.

The N.C. Coastal Federation’s Pelican Circle:

Protecting the Coast for Future Generations 


The Pelican Circle recognizes coastal stewards who have included the federation in their will or estate plans. Through a provision in your will, you can make a simple, yet significant gift that will continue your interest and provide for the future of the Federation’s work.  You can leave a dollar amount, specific property, stock, an insurance policy or a portion of your estate to the North Carolina Coastal Federation, Inc. Please consult your attorney to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that your wishes are fully understood.

Each year Pelican Circle members are invited to join the executive director for a special on-the-water outing for a personal look at our work. To learn more or to notify us that you’ve included the Federation in your plans, please contact the federation’s Development Officer, Sarah King, at 919-210-2617 or

Leaving the N.C. Coastal Federation in one’s will is an easy and important way to continue a love of the coast and an appreciation for the federation’s work. To date, 21 members have notified the federation that they have made such arrangements. Here’s one couple’s story:

While their early histories took different paths, Penelope and Joseph Kilpatrick now share a tradition of service and giving, and a love of the coast. This philosophy and their affection for coastal North Carolina inspired the Winston-Salem couple to include the N.C. Coastal Federation in their will. Penelope was born in New England and as a small child was amazed at the abundance of star fish that could be found along the Maine coast. As a child, Joseph frequented the New Jersey shore in the 1950s and 60s, which even then was crowded and over-developed. Read more.