Making the Unknown Known

Topics: Central Coast, Energy, Marine Science, Southeast Coast

To prepare for possible wind-energy development, researchers are mapping the seafloor off the N.C. coast, a vast uncharted territory. More >


Coastal Energy Summit Misses the Mark

Topics: Business and Industry, Climate Change, Energy, Southeast Coast

N.C. Coastal Federation advocate Mike Giles critiques North Carolina's first summit on offshore energy development. More >


The Tropical Reefs of North Carolina?

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal management, Energy, Marine Science, Southeast Coast

Prompted by the prospect of wind energy development off North Carolina's coast, researchers are finding reefs with tropical fish and corals right off our coast. More >


Old Hatteras Oil Well Draws State's Attention

Topics: Energy, Northeast Coast

Core samples from a decades old oil test well near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse that was abandoned as a dry hole in 1946 will get another look as part of the state’s effort to expand oil and gas exploration. More >


Coastal Energy Meeting Draws Skepticism

Topics: Energy, Southeast Coast

This week in Wilmington, Gov. Pat McCrory and industry pros will discuss North Carolina's coastal energy initiatives. Some film-industry backers, including the city's mayor, are wary of attracting polluting industries to the coast. More >


What's All the Noise Over Seismic Survey?

Topics: Energy, Fisheries, Outer Banks

While the debate over drilling for oil and natural gas off the N.C. coast rages on, one thing appears certain: seismic survey is starting soon. More >


What's Next for the Sutton Plant?

Topics: Energy, Legislature, Southeast Coast, Water pollution

Heavy metals from coal-ash ponds at the Sutton power plant near Wilmington continue to contaminate groundwater. As the state steps up coal-ash management, what’s next for the high-risk plant? More >


Catlin Defends Changes to Coal Ash Bill

Topics: Energy, Legislature

Rep. Rick Catlin of New Hanover County and the N.C. House have come under fire for amendments that opponents say weaken a bill to clean up coal ash ponds. More >

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