Our Work

Founded in 1982, the N.C. Coastal Federation celebrated 30 years of hard work in 2012. From a staff of one person and his yellow Labrador Retriever working from a home office to a thriving nonprofit with three offices, 23 staff members, more than 11,000 members and 3,000 volunteers, the federation is one of the most innovative and effective grassroots environmental organizations in the nation.

Our Programs

Our members, private foundations and special governmental supported projects provide the money for the federation’s core programs:

These programs and newly designed strategies  take advantage of the ability of ordinary people to bring about extraordinary change.

Program Goals

Over the next three years the federation will expand our capacity to engage thousands of people in all walks of life to:

  • Advocate for a healthy coastal environment and economy
  • Restore and preserve critical coastal habitats and water
  • Educate future and existing decision-makers of all walks of life, ages and communities to celebrate the productivity and beauty of the North Carolina coast and to become engaged in its proper stewardship.

Mobilizing the Best in People

The federation’s comprehensive community-based programs and strategies are designed to include as many predictable and unconventional allies as possible in our work based on the belief that leadership is about bringing out and mobilizing the best in people and what they have to share. All our work aims to help people work together toward a shared goal that the coast should be a healthy and prosperous place to live and visit.  The federation strives to create leaders and not followers by successfully executing our programs, and in the words of Thomas Paine, this should influence decision-makers to either,  “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”