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Climate Crusader Makes Stop in N.C.

Sheldon Whitehouse came to North Carolina this week gathering more facts for his one-man crusade to persuade his colleagues in the U.S. Senate to finally awaken to the dangers of climate change. More…

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Celebrate Earth Day by Building a Rain Garden

The federation will host a Rain Garden Party on Saturday at out new Coastal Education Center and Southeast Office. More…


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  • 04.24.2014

    Sutton Ponds High on Clean-Up List

    With the N.C. General Assembly session just a few weeks away, the prospect of a coal ash bill appears likely. The Sutton power plant near Wilmington is considered a priority for clean-up plans.  More…
  • 04.23.2014

    Using Stormwater to Teach Kids

    Dreams of Wilmington, which brings the arts to disadvantaged kids, will teach them about protecting the coastal environment by controlling polluted runoff.  More…
  • 04.22.2014

    Learning is Appreciating

    It was something of an Earth Day for the third- and fourth-grade students at Maysville Elementary school on their field trip to Bear Island. For many, it was their first trip to the beach. More…