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Carteret County Finds Groin Too Costly, Ineffective

While some N.C. beach communities are rushing to build terminal groins to control erosion, Carteret County found that they were would be too expensive and probably ineffective at Bogue Inlet. More…

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Help the Pelicans by Giving Back

With your help, the federation will continue work to protect Beacon Island and restore salt marsh. More…


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  • 12.19.2014

    Sea-Level Rise Redux

    There were no fireworks this week over the release of a new draft report on sea-level rise along the N.C. coast. The new report contains no scary forecasts, no hockey stick graphs. More…
  • 12.18.2014

    Funds for Hammocks Beach Deal Nearly There

    The pieces are rapidly falling into place for the state's long-awaited addition of land to Hammocks Beach State Park. The state could own the property as early as June.  More…
  • 12.17.2014

    Group Threatens Legal Action to Protect Wetlands

    The N.C. Coastal Federation plans to notify two federal agencies today that it intends to sue them for not enforcing federal law to protect more than 250 acres of wetlands in Pamlico County. More…