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Hogs After Floyd: Nothing's Changed

Hog lagoons flooded after Hurricane Floyd and state officials made many assurances to change the way hog waste is treated. Fifteen years later and nothing much had changed. More…

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Get Those Autumn Native Plants at Our Sale

Autumn is the ideal time for planting shrubs and trees, and the federation is helping gardeners out by offering a fall plant sale. More…


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  • 09.17.2014

    The Legacy of Hurricane Floyd

    North Carolina's worst natural disaster and costliest hurricane made landfall 15 years ago this week. In the first of two parts, we take a look at the legacy Floyd left in its wake.  More…
  • 09.16.2014

    Our Coast: Storms, Whales and Refugees

    A great hurricane drove the Ca'e Bankers from Shackleford Banks to Harkers Island, Salter Path and a place they called the Promise Land, but not before they took the most famous whale in N.C. history. More…
  • 09.15.2014

    Our Coast: Ca'e Bankers

    Old photos and artifacts, like an old whale gun, tell the story of the hardy fishing families who once lived in Diamond City and the other settlements near the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. More…