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African Roots in Brunswick County

Southeast North Carolina's heritage is infused with the culture of West African descendants. The Gullah or Geechee people are known for their story-telling, rice-based cuisine and fishing traditions. More…

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N.C. Coast Lost a Good, Caring Friend

Jack Cleaves, who died last last month, could always be depended on to lend a hand to help the federation and our coast. More…


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  • 10.30.2014

    Making the Unknown Known

    To prepare for possible wind-energy development, researchers are mapping the seafloor off the N.C. coast, a vast uncharted territory. More…
  • 10.29.2014

    Coastal Sketch: Peggy Birkemeier

    For someone who says she's not a "beach person," Peggy Birkemeier, a N.C. Coastal Federation board member from the Outer Banks, has caught on nicely. More…
  • 10.28.2014

    White Oak River: Round III

    Another round of work will begin in Cedar Point in Carteret County to better control runoff that's polluting the White Oak River.  More…