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An End of Session Twist

The Senate came short of passing an omnibus bill, including several controversial environmental provisions, previously seen and rejected by the House. More…

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Getting Up Close and Personal with a Cyclops

When a caterpillar of the Polyphemus moth wove its cocoon outside his door, Sam Bland naturally broke out his camera. More…


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  • 07.30.2014

    Marina to CRC: Help Our Boats Get Wet

    Boats launching from a Wilmington marina can only access the Cape Fear River at high tide. Marina owners turn to the Coastal Resources Commission today in hopes of a solution.  More…
  • 07.29.2014

    Hofmann Forest in Hands of the Court

    With the original sale date passed, the state court system will likely decide the fate of the 79,000-acre forest in Onslow and Jones counties.  More…
  • 07.28.2014

    Our Coast's Food: Chicken-Necking

    A good crab boil starts with a chicken-necker. That's someone who uses a dip net, a piece of string, a fishing weight and a chicken neck to catch blue crabs. We tell you how. More…